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Your ivf-journey

Your ivf-journey

Your ivf-journey is your individual way to your child, where you will meet a lot of people: client managers, doctors, nurses, embryologists, lawyers, egg donor coordinators, employees of a hotel, car drivers - all these people stay on the same team with you to help you become parents of a healthy, talented and the best baby in the world.
We know that this path has not been easy for you, that despair, failures, and doubts are behind. However, if you have decided to step down the path again, it means that your hope and dream are stronger than all disappointments. Leave all bad things behind you and let the professionals do the rest.

Your journey will begin with passing of the necessary medical tests.

You can do it at the place of residence, or come to our clinic, because medical examinations are free for our clients. After receiving results of medical examinations, a doctor will check them. And here you have two options: if you are still at home, then the first appointment with a doctor will take place online; if you have already come to us for medical examinations, then you will have the opportunity to meet with a doctor face to face on your initial visit.
The doctor will confirm the possibility of your participance in the fertility treatment program and appoint a protocol. It will vary depending on whether you undergo the program with your own eggs or donor eggs. If you use your own eggs, then ovarian stimulation will be required first. In terms of a donor eggs program, only endometrial preparation precedes embryo transfer. All medications are included into the cost of the program.
You should carefully follow all the doctor's recommendations or instructions and follow the medical protocols. Try to agree on dates of following visits with your manager in advance. Here on site, we will arrange everything needed for your comfortable stay.
Before embryo transfer, it is recommended to check embryos for abnormalities by genetic testing.
We will provide you with medications to support pregnancy up to 12 weeks. And wait you coming back for another pregnancy.

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