Medical part of the program

Medical part of the program

Medical Services Included in the Program:

  • First appointment with a qualified obstetrician-gynaecologist of the clinic
  • Medical checkup of intended parents
  • Sperm freezing
  • IVF treatment with ICSI
  • Medicines for ovarian stimulation
  • Full medical checkup of a surrogate mother
  • Medicines for a surrogate mother before an embryo transfer
  • Follicle puncture of a donor for oocytes collection
  • Oocytes vitrification
  • Embryos culture to the blastocyst stage
  • PGD using a 5 chromosome panel 
  • Embryo transfer
  • Embryo vitrification (1 cryotop)
  • Transfer of the thawed embryo
  • Medicines for the pregnancy support of a surrogate mother
  • Monthly medical tests after confirmed pregnancy of a surrogate mother
  • Paediatrician services
  • Pregnancy guarantee
  • DNA test

Agency services:

  • Analysis of medical records
  • Visa invitations
  • Legal support, namely drawing up a contract
  • Support and coordination of medical and organizational issues
  • Translation and certification of the documents necessary for the treatment program
  • Interpreter services
  • Surrogate mother selection
  • Driver services during the program
  • Apartment accommodation
  • Pregnancy control of a surrogate mother
  • Arrangement of a comfortable apartment in Kyiv for a surrogate mother
  • Personal babysitter
  • The assistance of lawyers, program manager and coordinator in obtaining a birth certificate(s) for a child/children
  • The assistance of lawyers, program manager and coordinator in the preparation of the documents required for obtaining a right to depart from Ukraine (passport, travel documents)

At Extra Charge:

  • 24 Chromosome NGS, TESA, TESE
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Embryo reduction
  • Egg donors of Asian or African phenotype

Stages of Program: