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Surrogate Mothers

Who is a woman That Can Become a Surrogate Mother?

We realize how essential it is to ensure the safety of the program from the very beginning. That is why we make strict demands to our candidates for a surrogate mother and provide favourable conditions for those who become participants of the program.
So, who is a woman that becomes your surrogate mother? She is a Ukrainian citizen aged 21 to 35, without bad habits and chronic diseases. Her marital status is taken into account individually based on the nationality of the intended parents. She should have at least one healthy child and no medical contraindications for pregnancy. Her body mass index must be appropriate for carrying a child.
Moreover, she should be educated and emotionally stable, have a great willingness to help other people become parents.

Database of Surrogate Mothers

We have our own database of surrogate mothers at your disposal, so you can choose the candidate you can entrust your own baby to. The selection criteria are high not because of the law only, but also due to our internal requirements. Forsa Fertility managers work all over Ukraine, filter the candidates and carefully monitor them. Therefore, in the database, you will see only proven candidates worth being the surrogate mother to your child.

Advantages of Surrogate Mother Selection with Forsa Fertility

We ensure the individual selection of a physically and psychologically healthy, responsible surrogate mother within the shortest terms.

To create comfortable conditions for participating in the program and help the surrogate mother feel calm and peaceful, we guarantee:

  • compensation of all related costs
  • complete clinical and laboratory examinations, the assistance of experienced doctors and high-quality medications
  • independent housing for a surrogate mother and her family after 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • 24/7 support of the coordinator
  • a notarized contract
  • timely monthly payments
  • coverage of the risks related to pregnancy and childbirth
  • full confidentiality
  • full legality of the process

Financial Compensation to a Surrogate Mother

We offer favourable financial conditions to the participants of the program:

  • immediate payments after signing the contract
  • payments on the day of an embryo transfer and after pregnancy confirmation
  • guarantee of timely monthly payments by the contract
  • additional remuneration for twins, caesarean section and cases of postpartum complications
  • extra coverage of maternity clothes

Screening of a Surrogate Mother

According to Order № 787 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "On Approval of the Application of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Ukraine", a medical checkup of a surrogate mother is carried out according to the requirements for the treatment by the assisted reproductive technology.
The surrogate mother is examined repeatedly: initially at the stage of submitting her candidacy for a program, and later she undergoes final testing before the preparation for an embryo transfer. During her pregnancy, each time the surrogate mother visits a clinic to examine the baby. Additionally, she undergoes obligatory examinations so that doctors can monitor the progress of the pregnancy. If certain indicators do not meet the requirements, the surrogate mother should undergo additional checkups or take prescribed therapy.
From our side, we control the fulfilment of all doctor's prescriptions by the surrogate mother, her timely visits to the clinic for ultrasound scans, planned or additional medical examinations, taking of medications, etc.
According to the contract between the surrogate mother and the intended parents, the surrogate mother should guarantee a healthy pregnancy. We strive always to be sure that she does all the things needed. Therefore, we have prepared a list of healthy pregnancy tips which are also included in the contract.

Do the Parents have a right to visit a baby in the maternity hospital?

Sure, you have the right to see your baby before discharge from the maternity hospital. However, prior to that, you should obtain permission from the hospital and doctors as well as undergo the necessary examinations (such as fluorography etc.). You will be individually notified about all the requirements for the visit to the maternity hospital.

When should a child be picked up from the maternity hospital?

The discharge of a child from the maternity hospital is directly related to the discharge of a surrogate mother. Before the notarial refusal is signed, the surrogate mother is still considered to be the mother of the child. Within 3-5 days after baby delivery, the surrogate mother and the baby can be discharged from the maternity hospital provided there are no contraindications and health issues for both of them.

What is included in the cost of surrogacy?

  • Potential parents do not pay directly a surrogate mother. They cover the price of the program, and then we compensate the costs of pregnancy to the woman. Forsa Fertility is committed to such a philosophy to avoid financial misunderstandings and overcome any concerns of potential parents. In particular, the payment above covers:
  • hormonal drugs to prepare the body of the surrogate mother for pregnancy;
  • IVF and embryo transfer;
  • medical tests, ultrasound scans and other examinations during pregnancy;
  • meal and travel to the clinic;
  • babysitting for the babies at birth.

Cost of Surrogacy Programs

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