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Who Can Use the Surrogacy Treatment in Ukraine?

  • Only married couples with fertility problems can use surrogacy in Ukraine. Single men or women, heterosexual partners, same-sex couples cannot take the advantage of it.
  • Surrogacy may be an option for a woman who has had her uterus removed but the ovaries preserved. She can provide her oocytes but has no womb to carry a child. In this case, she can find a surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy using her eggs and in vitro fertilization technology (IVF). This will be the chance for the woman to have her own genetic child. If an intended mother does not have oocytes of good quality, she may use an egg donor in Ukraine.
  • A surrogate mother may be also a solution for the woman having a medical condition that could harm her or the baby’s health.
  • Surrogacy is also indicated for couples with repeated IVF failures (4 or more failures).

Surrogacy with Forsa Fertility Agency. Options Included

  • No need to wait

    It depends entirely on you how quickly the program starts. We guarantee that an embryo transfer will be scheduled within 1-2 months after your first visit to a doctor and no later than 3 months.

  • Egg donors

    In our database there are donors of different age, height, phenotype, nationality, race, level of education etc. Аccording to your preferences and criteria, we will select not one but several candidates so that you have a choice.

  • Medical team

    Behind the success of each family, there is the painstaking work of doctors and medical staff. These specialists have gained experience and knowledge over the years to provide you with qualified medical care and ensure successful results. We work only with certified doctors who have vast experience in infertility treatment and can manage even the most complicated cases. The clinic has been operating for nearly 10 years and has gained acknowledgement as an industry leader..

  • Legal support

    Since the whole procedure of surrogate motherhood is quite difficult and lengthy, legal advice is an inevitable part of it. Our lawyers have drafted the contract between the intended parents and a surrogate mother to secure the parents’ rights, outline the surrogate’s responsibilities and define obligations before the surrogate mother. The involvement of each party in the program requires strict compliance with the contract conditions. The procedure of registering the child in the state offices of Ukraine is prescribed by the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Our lawyers accompany the program until you receive a complete package of documents for the baby and happily return home.

  • Medical examinations

    Our patients, egg donors and surrogate mothers should undergo mandatory medical examinations at the clinic where the program is scheduled. Reliable medical tests are important for us because they serve as a basis for arranging an individual treatment protocol. All costs are included in the contract.

  • Accommodation and meals

    For your stay during initial visits to the clinic, Forsa Fertility has arranged a modern and extremely comfortable hotel in the centre of Kyiv. President Hotel 4* offers superior accommodations with a spectacular city view and a delicious breakfast served in the room. For long visits, we will arrange comfortable apartments where you can cook by yourself or visit cafes nearby.

  • Medications

    For the preparation of patients, egg donors and surrogate mothers we use only licensed and time-tested medicines that increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

  • Car transfer

    The first person you will see upon your arrival in Ukraine would be our transport manager. He will meet you at the airport and drive you to a hotel or an apartment. Our drivers are responsible for your safety and timely arrivals to all the appointments. You do not have to worry about scheduling your visits to a doctor. Our driver will pick you up and take you to the clinic at the appropriate time. We also care about your comfortable participation in the treatment program and try to reduce possible traffic stress in a busy city. So you do not have to come to the clinic every day for necessary medical procedures. Our nurse will come to your hotel or apartment when it is convenient for you.

  • Genetic testing

    Genetic testing (PGD 5) is included in the contract. We should be confident not only in the quality of embryos but in the good health condition of your future baby. With the help of this testing, you will also be able to find out the sex of the embryos, and a doctor will transfer those you choose.

  • Individual choice of a surrogate

    We carefully select candidates for a surrogate mother because we want you to make sure that you can entrust your own child to this woman. We understand how important it is for you, so from our side, we do our best to make the whole process transparent, clear and enjoyable.

Surrogacy. Frequently asked questions

  • How can I have surrogacy cycle in Ukraine during covid-19 travel restrictions? Is it possible to enter the country through flight, car connection?

    Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, an adaptive quarantine is in effect in Ukraine, and the government introduces a lockdown measures from time to time. However, the government's recent decision has simplified entry for foreign citizens who come to Ukraine for medical treatment. This means that having a medical invitation as a confirmation of intention to undergo treatment in Ukraine, foreign citizens can cross the Ukrainian border not only in terms of a long-term adaptive quarantine, but also during a lockdown. For a visit to Ukraine a PCR test and Covid-19 insurance are required. We also advise to contact the embassy before planning a trip to Ukraine to clarify the detailed requirements for an upcoming visit. Currently, the borders are open to both those arriving by land and air. Airports operate normally, but the conditions of transit through transit countries need to be clarified independently.

  • What are the initial steps in a surrogacy process?

    The process itself can be divided into several main stages. On the initial stage, you should send a request for detailed information about the program, provide results of the necessary medical examinations, required documents, and hold an online consultation with a doctor. Only after the doctor has given a confirmation of the possibility of entering the program, you will receive instructions on how to prepare for arrival at the clinic. On the first visit you will be asked to undergo the final medical examinations. Only after the doctor receives the results of the tests performed here in the clinic, you will receive final confirmation of the possibility of undergoing a surrogacy program. In case of surrogacy with own eggs, you will receive a treatment protocol, all necessary drugs, and a detailed plan of next steps. If the program uses donor eggs, then there are no drugs needed.
    The signing of the contract is also held after medical examinations are done.
    Only 5-day-old embryos of good quality that have undergone preimplantation research are to be transferred.

  • Which documents are obligatory for intended parents before starting the surrogacy program?

    Since commercial surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine and regulated by law, there are certain requirements for its participants. Prior to signing the contract, the Intended Parents are required to provide copies of passports, a marriage certificate, a medical proof of indication for surrogacy, and the results of necessary medical examinations.

  • How can I find a surrogate mother?

    We are fully engaged in the search, selection, preparation, management, and control over surrogate mothers. All candidates are carefully selected to satisfy the requirements of the law, meet the criteria of a doctor, and become a reliable partner for you on this long journey.

  • Which options are included into surrogacy packages?

    prompt feedback in a format convenient for you (e-mail, social networks, chat on the site, messengers, telephone, etc.)
    free online consultation with a doctor
    full range of guest services
    support of a lawyer
    notarization of contracts
    a wide selection of surrogate mothers and egg donors
    quick launch of programs
    tested and licensed drugs
    preimplantation testing of embryos
    full control over surrogate mothers, including at the place of residence
    services of a nanny and a pediatrician
    rapid processing of documents for a child
    discounts for a second program

  • How much surrogacy in Ukraine cost?

    The Ukrainian surrogacy market offers a wide range treatment programs at a reasonable price, which is many times lower than the cost of programs in the United States and Europe. At the same time, the quality of medical services is recognized by many leading experts in the world, and the package offers are not only convenient for the client, but also include options aimed at ensuring a high level of treatment success.
    3 main surrogacy programs are popular in Ukraine: programs with own eggs, guarantee programs with donor oocytes and programs with transfer of transport embryos of the Intended Parents.
    In terms of prices, the cheapest is the package with the transfer of frozen embryos, because this program is cheaper in cost. The average price is 38,000 - 42,000 euros.
    Programs with own eggs will cost more because they require as it requires the presence and preparation of both parents. The average price for 1 attempt is 40,000 euros.
    Guarantee packages ensure success of the program regardless of the number of attempts. The average price for such packages is the highest – 55,000 - 75,000 euros.
    Customers should be wary of cheap offers for programs. The low price of surrogate programs in Ukraine (below 40,000 euro) should be alarming, because it means that the provider of services is not working in the legal field and over time will not be able to ensure the fulfillment of its obligations.
    If you have questions about the cost of the package or what you are paying for, you have the right to receive all this information from the clinic or an agency you work with to understand the transparency of work and your costs.

  • How do you screen your surrogate mothers?

    The clinic and the doctor are responsible for medical examination and preparation of a surrogate mother for embryo transfer. All preliminary examinations of a surrogate mother, her medical preparation for an embryo transfer, and subsequently the management of the pregnancy itself are carried out only in our clinic. We want to be sure of the reliability of the test results, we trust only our specialists and want to control the process from the very beginning.
    Medical examination of surrogate mothers is done strictly according to the list approved by the Ukraine’s Ministry of Health. You can get acquainted with the detailed list of analyzes on our website.

  • Do you provide intended parents with legal support? What is included?

    Legal support is provided at all stages of the program and includes:
    contract development
    notarization of contracts
    processing of papers for a child

  • Which are the next steps after a baby birth? How soon intended parents can return at home with their baby?

    Congratulations to you! You have become happy parents! Soon you will return home not alone. As surrogacy is regulated by law, the order of your departure with the baby should be legal also.
    After the birth and signing of the official waiver by the surrogate mother, a birth certificate will be issued in Ukraine, in which you will be identified as the genetic parents. Following the registration in the State Registry Office, the preparation of documents will take place in several state institutions of Ukraine and later in the embassy. How long the whole procedure will take depends on several factors, including the requirements of the state where you live on a regular basis. We will inform you in advance about how long it will take to complete the paperwork so that you can plan your time and schedule work.

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