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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

What is InVitro Fertilization?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the combination of an egg and a sperm in a test tube under laboratory conditions, in order to obtain fertilized embryos that are transferred into the woman's uterus to become pregnant. This method is relatively simple. Its theory has been developed to the smallest detail, and its application gives very high results. IVF is the main treatment of infertility worldwide. It is effective in all forms.

When Is It Used?

IVF is indicated in many cases of infertility that cannot be cured in any other way. These may be serious pathologies of the fallopian tubes that caused their obstruction, and even their complete absence, a small number of full-fledged motile sperm in a partner, immunological infertility, endometriosis.

IVF Success Rates

  • 66% for women under 30.
  • 40% for women aged 31-35.
  • 20% for women aged 36-39.
  • 10% for women aged 40-42.
  • 3% for women aged 43-45.

Indications For In Vitro Fertilization

  • Failure of previous IUI treatment or artificial insemination
  • Age-related infertility
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Endometriosis
  • Single motherhood
  • Lesbian, bisexual or transgender motherhood
  • Availability of genetic diseases in the past
  • Tubal-peritoneal factor
  • Sperm pathology
  • Ovulation disorders
  • nfertility for unknown reasons

Benefits Of IVF

  • IVF allows a woman who has congenital or acquired disorders of the reproductive system to become a mother.
  • IVF allows a woman older than 40 years to become a mother and give birth to her genetic child.
  • The whole process of conception and gestation is controlled by specialists, the risk of serious genetic pathologies is minimal.
  • Specialists select for IVF the most viable oocytes and sperm without structural abnormalities.
  • And finally, IVF allows cryopreservation of female reproductive cells before chemotherapy or radiation for malignant tumours, as well as for social reasons, when a woman first wants to build a career and only then become a mother.

IVF process. Step By Step

  1. First contact.
    Validation of medical information and screening.
  2. Consultation and
    ivf treatment procedure.
  3. Ovarian stimulation
  4. Egg collection
  5. In vitro fertilisation
  6. Embryo culture
  7. Embryo transfer
  8. Pregnancy testLearn more

IVF+ICSI (with own oocytes)


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