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Success rates

Egg Donation

At Forsa Fertility, the ivf success rates are one of the best in Ukraine. Your chances to get pregnant are the highest in 3rd attempt. In egg donation cycles, on the first attempt, success rates are the following: 81% chance of achieving it (using all the embryos obtained in that cycle, but in different transfers), reaching almost 100% on the third attempt.


In Vitro Fertilisation

In IVF cycles using your own oocytes, on the 1st attempt, the success rate can be up to 70% (using all the embryos obtained in that cycle, but in different transfers), and 95% on the third attempt respectively.


Cycles with Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a diagnostic test that looks for a specific genetic disorder that intended parents may already be aware of and thus would like to find out the chances of passing it to their offspring and, then, eliminating that risk.

We recommend to use one of the genetics testing available at our website (PGS, PGD, NGS 24 chromosomes) in your current treatment cycle, if previous attempts were not successful. It will help to find the reason of failed cycle, which may be related with the problems of not good quality embryos (aneuploid embryo).


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