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Patient Real Stories

Forsa Fertility is proud to help hundreds of patients from all over the world to treat infertility! Your words of gratitude are the most precious words for all our team!

  • “At the age of 38, after 4 failed attempts at the clinic at home, we decided to come to Ukraine and undergo a surrogate program. On the first ultrasound check, the doctor suggested the classic IVF with genetic testing of embryos, because at that time I had a good condition of the ovaries and endometrium. My first reaction was no, because after so many years filled with failed attempts there was no hope at all. But the doctor eventually convinced us that we would always be able to undergo a surrogate program, but it was probably the last time for me to try to bear a child. So, we finally decided to do IVF with our embryos. And became pregnant. With twins. After the first attempt”.

    Susan, 41

  • “Our baby-girl will be born this fall. I have a congenital absence of the uterus. Such a diagnosis 5-10 years ago was a real doom for me and for thousands of other women who were not destined to have a child at that time. In China, this is even more complicated. In our culture, if you are not able to produce offspring, you are devalued, no matter how cruel it may sound. I was lucky, because my husband and our family have never condemned me for such a congenital disease. But the thought of a child did not leave any of us. On one of the forums, I found out about surrogate mothers providing help for childless couples. The decision to try was not taken fast and was long discussed in the family circle. To take this program, we were supported by members of my family financially because at that time we would not be able to pay for surrogacy on our own. Ukraine as a destination for surrogacy was chosen due to its legality and loyal prices. It was the first time we had come to eastern Europe. We were very worried whether we would be able to solve some everyday problems, or how the doctor would understand us, because we do not know a single word in English. However, the treatment system here is built so that the agency takes care of all issues of support and care, so we were asked only to clearly comply with the requirements of the doctor, rest more and not worry about anything. There was nothing to worry about at all, everything went smoothly and well.”

    Liu Mei, 35

  • “On behalf of my wife and me, and all our relatives, as well as friends who were always around during our troubles, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the doctor, medical staff of the clinic, my manager and all those who made their efforts to give birth to our baby. Your daily work for us is a sign that miracles happen.”

    Mark, 56

  • “It was not easy for me to step on the IVF way again, because after the last failed attempt, I stopped trusting doctors, medicine and myself that I would be ever able to give birth. However, as people say, good words are honeycombs. Thank you for making me believe. Thank you that you care.”

    Iren, 31

  • “We have been trying to get pregnant for several years in a row, so our story is like the story of thousands of other couples. For us it is a second marriage at an older age. The desire to have a child together is mutual and very strong for both of us. At this age, such decisions are far from being frivolous, they tend to be very balanced. We were very concerned about who to entrust this process to. We are treated with understanding and patience, and that is vital for us. The transfer of donor embryos has already been scheduled. We are looking forward to good news.”

    Emma and Jean, 56 and 61

  • “Thank you for making our trip to Ukraine pleasant and painless. We really liked the doctor. We have heard about him before, but in life he was even better. Very attentive and trustworthy. We have some experience of treatment in Europe, so can compare the whole process with that we had. I can confidently say that the level of service and medicine here is at a high level. Also, many thanks to my manager. Sorry for calling you at night and on weekends???? You did a lot for me”.

    Djamila, 45

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