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Main Factors to take into account when Choosing an Egg Donation and Surrogacy agency:

  • What is the agency reputation?
  • What is the reputation of agency partner clinics?
  • Does the local legislation correspond to my neads?
  • Do they speak my language?
  • Do they have online consultation?
  • Is it easy to get in Ukraine?
  • How long should I stay in the country where ivf cycle would be performed?
  • Forsa Fertility expertise corresponds to all of these factors. Your Family starts here!

Treatments we offer

  • IVF

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the combination of an egg and a sperm in a test tube under laboratory conditions, in order to obtain fertilized embryos that are transferred into the woman's uterus to become pregnant.

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  • Embryo Donation

    Embryo donation is a procedure related to fertility treatment that involves the transfer of embryos created from donor sperm and donor eggs or created by a couple for donation.

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  • Egg Donation

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the combination of an egg and a sperm in a test tube, in a laboratory, in order to obtain fertilized embryos, which are transferred into the woman's uterus to become pregnant

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  • Frozen embryo Transfer (FET)

    A Frozen Embryo Transfer, or a FET, is a procedure for infertility treatment when a doctor transfers frozen embryos left after previous IVF or ICSI cycles. These surplus embryos help a couple make a subsequent attempt after a failure or try for a second baby even years after a first kid was born.

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  • Egg Donation + NGS

    NGS method used with egg donation treatment can significantly increase the pregnancy success rates in such program. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of having a baby with genetic pathologies.

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  • Surrogacy

    Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technology the application of which enables a surrogate mother to voluntarily get pregnant, carry and give birth to a baby that is genetically alien to her and is to be handed to genetic parents – a couple suffering from infertility.

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Our team

  • Anna Antonovska

    CEO, Founder

    For more than 10 years, has been the Head of a pharmaceutical company that is a leader in the supply of medications for fertility treatment clinics of Ukraine. Has a Master's degree in Foreign Economic Relations, and the MBA in Economics. Is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductologists and the Ukrainian Association of Tourism. Speaks English fluently.

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  • Maryna Holubovska

    Head of the European Department.

    She works in the field of reproductive medicine for over 5 years. Coordinates surrogacy and IVF programs. She is an expert on processing papers for the child to leave Ukraine in the country of residence of parents. Maryna speaks five languages: Ukrainian, Russian, French, English and Italian.Our chief coordinator Maryna, is the person who takes you one step closer to your dream.

  • Helen Trybitsyna

    Chinese speaking patient coordinator

    Has a 5-year experience in working on the infertility treatment market. Prior to cooperating with Forsa Fertility, was the Head of the Chinese department at the largest surrogacy clinic of Ukraine. Speak English and Chinese fluently. In work appreciates self-organization, good skills in communication with people, the ability to make quick decisions and work independently. Her life slogan is “Dream Big”.

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