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Egg Donor Bank

About Forsa fertility Egg Donor Bank

Forsa Fertility Egg Donor Bank is one of the largest oocytes banks in Ukraine. Our database is a universal donor catalogue with the access for Forsa Fertility patients. We cooperate with Ukrainian as well as foreign agencies and clinics. Our bank is in great demand among oocytes donors as we have favorable conditions for them. The main task and goal of our bank are to provide a wide selection and the best quality of donor eggs. Nowadays, Forsa Fertility Egg Donor Bank is the only bank in Ukraine that contains donor oocytes with a 100% pregnancy guarantee. The best Ukrainian reproductive specialists worked on the creation of our bank. There are many ways to become parents. The use of donor oocytes is one of them.

Advantages Of Forsa Egg Bank

  • Young and healthy donors
  • Immediate availability of the donor in the database
  • Wide range of donors with diverse phenotypes (African, Indian, Asian, Latin-American, etc.)
  • Extended donor profile in the database
  • Genetically healthy and high-quality oocytes
  • Transportation of oocytes to any clinic in Ukraine and worldwide
  • Affordable prices

Anonymous and non-anonymous egg donors

The choice of an egg donor is one of the most important decisions that potential parents have to make. They have the right to decide whether to choose an anonymous or non-anonymous donor. The anonymous donor is the one whose identity is absolutely and strictly confidential. The non-anonymous donor is the donor whose personality is partly known to the parents, namely height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, etc. Our bank has a database of anonymous and non-anonymous egg donors. Therefore, the choice lays with the parents.

How to choose an egg donor

In order to choose an egg donor, first of all, you need to decide whether you want to know the information about her. In other words, whether you want to choose an anonymous donor or not. If you prefer an anonymous donor, you just need to pass this information on to your manager. But if you want to choose the appearance of your donor, you need to contact your manager who will provide you with access to the Forsa Egg Bank. When looking through donor profiles, patients should pay attention and choose the donor according to the following criteria:

  • Blood type
  • Physical data
  • Hobbies, talents
  • Donor phenotype
  • Donation history

Egg donor database

Egg Donor Database Forsa Egg Donor Bank has an extensive catalogue of donors. If you are interested in infertility treatment with donor oocytes, our managers will be glad to consult you on the best available options. We have made every effort to ensure that our patients can easily choose the donor in our database. Each of our donors meets more than the standard requirements and criteria of our patients and doctors. Generally, our donors are young girls studying in the last years of universities or who have just graduated from the university, women on maternity leave or single mothers.

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