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Egg Donation

Medical Services Included in the Program:

  • First appointment with a qualified obstetrician-gynaecologist of the clinic
  • Medical checkup of intended parents
  • Sperm freezing
  • Full medical checkup of an egg donor
  • IVF treatment with ICSI
  • Ovarian stimulation medicines for a donor or a patient
  • Medicines for the preparation of the recipient’s endometrium
  • Follicle puncture of a donor for oocytes collection
  • Embryos culture to the blastocyst stage
  • Embryo transfer
  • Compensation for oocytes donation
  • Medicines for the pregnancy support up to the 12th week

Agency services:

  • Analysis of medical records
  • Visa invitations
  • Legal support, namely drawing up a contract
  • Support and coordination of medical and organizational issues
  • Translation and certification of the documents necessary for the treatment program
  • nterpreter services
  • Egg donor selection
  • Personal airport transfer
  • Driver services during the program
  • One meal a day (breakfast), 4-star hotel for initial visits
  • Pregnancy control by the coordinator up to the 12th week
  • Nursing services