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Egg Donation Unit

Egg Donation Unit

  • More than 1500 Egg Donation
    cycles per year

  • 15 years of successful
    Egg Donation Cycles

  • Advanced
    stimulation protocols

  • Own egg donor catalog

  • Anonymous and
    non-anonymous egg donors

  • Retrieval
    results control

  • Egg donors selection

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FAQ. Egg Donation

  • Which are indications for Egg Donation?

    Indications for the egg donation treatment are several common causes of female infertility:
    Age 40+
    Premature ovarian failure
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    Natural menopause
    Removed ovaries
    Repeat IVF failures
    IVF with poor embryo quality
    Risk of passing a genetic illness etc.

  • What is the cost of Egg Donation treatment?

    The cost of the program usually depends on several factors. The number of attempts, using of fresh or pre-frozen eggs, conducting of genetic testing of embryos, provision of medications and other constituents form the price. Although, if you consider our programs, you should only choose the number of attempts and, as an additional option, weather the pre-implantation genetic testing should be done. For embryo culture we use only fresh eggs of the donor you choose from our database. Medications are included to prepare you for an embryo transfer and support pregnancy up to 12 weeks. A full set of guest services is also included in the program. Ask your manager about more details on the program content and additional options.

  • What is the process of egg donation?

    This method of treatment is one of the simplest and not time-consuming. If you decide to participate in the program, you should send your fresh results of medical examinations, and meet online with our doctor for a preliminary consultation. If you have not done your medical examinations and there are difficulties in doing that at home because of the quarantine measures in your country, you can come and do tests here in our clinic. For you as a participant of the fertility treatment program it is free of charge. After the doctor has signed off a protocol to prepare you for an embryo transfer, you choose an egg donor. There is no need to stay in line to select a donor. You choose an egg donor in our electronic database and we immediately prepare her for the egg retrieval. After the embryo transfer you can return home the same day. Please, carefully follow all the doctor's instructions and be in prompt contact with your manager.

  • Fresh or frozen egg donation? Which option is more effective in term of success rates?

    There is still no consensus among doctors whether fresh or frozen eggs provide better results. Some experts tend to believe that better result is achieved with fresh eggs (and this is clearly shown by statistics); using fresh eggs, it is possible to freeze enough embryos on fresh cells for subsequent attempts; the only risk here is a human factor associated with the donor herself. Usage of frozen eggs has its advantages instead: there is no need to waste time for choosing an egg donor and conducting all the necessary medical procedures. The cost of the program is lower. However, clinical practice shows that the effectiveness of programs with frozen eggs is lower. For our patients, we offer the egg donation programs with fresh eggs and individual donor selection.

  • How can I chose an egg donor?

    In Ukraine, egg donation is anonymous. This means that the data about your egg donor should be known only to the doctor (or a medical institution, the third party under the contract) and is protected by law. As egg donation is anonymous and commercial in Ukraine, we have created an electronic egg donor database for our clients. Here you will find the basic information about egg donors. Access to the base is provided immediately after signing the contract.

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