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Egg donation + NGS

Which patients will benefit most most from egg donation + NGS treatment?

TNGS method used with egg donation treatment can significantly increase the pregnancy success rates in such program. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of having a baby with genetic pathologies. NGS is recommended for patients who have already undergone several IVF attempts without success or have had multiple miscarriages in early pregnancy.

NGS 24 chromosomes Your way to successful pregnancy and a healthy baby

Next Generation Sequencing is a pre-implantation genetic testing method in which all 24 chromosomes of an embryo are screened in order to identify genetic abnormalities. NGS, as a part of an IVF program, enables embryologists to select the embryos with a healthy chromosome profile. Only these embryos can then be transferred to the patient’s uterus. It is crucial to stress that NGS testing offers a very low error rate and is very reliable method.

Success Rates - Egg Donation + NGS

  • 86% for women under 30.
  • 82% for women aged 31-35.
  • 78% for women aged 36-39.
  • 76% for women aged 40-42.
  • 70% for women aged 43-45.

Indications for egg donation + NGS program

  • premature ovarian failure syndrome,
  • violation of ovarian structure,
  • genetic diseases transmitted through the female line (if the patient does not agree to PGD),
  • previous failed IVF cycles due to ovarian failure,
  • infertility caused by exposure to radiation or chemicals,
  • previous failed insemination attempts,
  • age-related infertility,
  • recurrent miscarriages,
  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS),
  • endometriosis,
  • male factor: low count or motility of spermatozoa or altered percentage of their abnormal forms,
  • obstruction or ligation of the fallopian tubes,
  • single motherhood by choice,
  • lesbian, bisexual or transgender motherhood,
  • a medical history of genetic diseases,
  • unexplained infertility.

Advantages Of Egg Donation+NGS program

  • Undergoing an egg donation program and using oocytes from a young and healthy donor means that the age of the recipient mother is not a factor for a successful conception.
  • Egg donation treatment is very effective, therefore, it is an ideal solution for women suffering from premature ovarian failure, repeated miscarriages and similar issues.
  • Women who are not able to have a successful pregnancy via IVF with own eggs, but are not ready for adoption, can experience the joy of pregnancy and giving birth to their own donor egg baby.
  • The intended parents can choose a donor on the basis of information stored in our egg bank. Patients can view the donor’s age, blood group, eye and hair colour, height, education. For some couples, appearance is a top priority. Choosing a donor that looks like them makes it more likely that the baby will inherit the desired traits. Some patients choose to focus more on the donor’s education. For example, if you are a fan of science, you may choose a donor who has studied the subject or lists science as one of her main interests.
  • Since the program involves young egg donors who have been thoroughly screened, there is no risk of chromosomal and genetic diseases occurring in the child.
  • NGS significantly increases the effectiveness of the IVF program. The high accuracy of determining chromosomal abnormalities (99.9%) allows not only to avoid the risk of having a child with severe hereditary diseases but also to boost the success rates of embryo implantation.

Egg Donation + NGS Process. Step By Step

  1. First contact.
    Validation of medical information and screening
  2. Consultation and
    IVF treatment procedure
  3. Endometrial preparation
  4. Donor’s egg collection
  5. Іn vitro fertilization
  6. Embryo culture
  7. NGS
  8. Embryo transfer
  9. Pregnancy testLearn more

Egg Donor selection. Anonymous or open ID egg donor?

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Egg donation+NGS

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