Surrogacy in Ukraine. All you need to know before choosing surrogacy destination


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December 17, 2020

Surrogacy in Ukraine. All you need to know before choosing surrogacy destination

A couple of patients who have decided to have a child through surrogacy faces a wide choice of not just clinics or agencies, but countries where they can go and run the program. Terms of the program will be different everywhere. The requirements for the patients themselves will be different. Prices and services will be different. So, what do you need to know about surrogate programs in Ukraine at the stage of choosing between other offers on the market?

Is it legal?

Yes, the law of Ukraine allows commercial gestational surrogacy for married heterosexual couples who have medical indications for surrogate medicine. This means that you as a patient, the clinic as a health care provider, the surrogate mother as a key participant in the process, and the agency as a provider of guest and accompanying services sign official agreements governing the relationship between all the participants of the surrogate program.
. However, do all agencies and clinics in Ukraine operate in the legal field? The answer is no. There are many unscrupulous agencies on the market that do not perform their duties after signing a contract with a patient, which jeopardizes the registration of the child's documents in public institutions and a baby’s future also.
When considering options of surrogacy treatment in Ukraine, you should choose only proven clinics and agencies that operate transparently in the legal field and have been operating for many years.


Is Ukraine safe to travel and live in?

Our clinics are in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. It is the largest city in Ukraine, where many foreigners live and work. Kyiv is a modern, developed, and safe place for foreign citizens. However, be aware of pickpockets in the city center and in tourist areas.
We also strongly advise not to visit Crimea (800 km) and Eastern Ukraine (740 km from Kyiv).

Will I be able to feel free in Ukraine without knowing the language?

Yes, a language will not be a problem for you, because for the entire duration of the program you will be assigned a personal manager who speaks your language and will help solve all issues. Besides, people in Ukraine speak English pretty good.

Cost of living in Ukraine

The prices in Ukraine are one of the lowest in Europe. The rent of a one-bedroom apartment in a good location will cost you between $300 – $400 per month. A cup of coffee to go costs around $0.50. Subway ride is around $0.35 cents, a city bus costs around $0.25 cents.

Can I travel to Ukraine amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes. All you need to have are:

  1. medical invitations issued by our clinic,
  2. Covid PCR-tests conducted less than 48 hours before arrival (if you arrive from a red zone),
  3. and a Covid-insurance for Ukraine.

What are included into the contract?

The price of the Contract includes:

  • full medical services including medical examinations of both parents, medicines, genetic testing of embryos (PGS), baby delivery
  • compensations for a surrogate and an egg donor
  • accommodation and car transfers
  • a translator and a client coordinator
  • legal services.

Can I meet my surrogate mother or an egg donor?

The confidentiality of an egg donor is prohibited by law, so you will only get the data allowed by law.
In case of surrogacy, you will meet you surrogate mother in person at the notary’s office before embryo transfer. We do not recommend contacting a surrogate mother directly. Communication should be hold through the agency.

When can I pick my baby?

How quickly your baby is born depends on many factors, but not the least role here is played by the speed of the program.
When your program starts depends on whether there is a queue of clients or a waitlist, whether there are enough surrogate mothers, and how quickly the next attempt is made if the previous one failed.
If you want to meet your baby as soon as possible, you should pay attention to what other patients say about how much time has passed from the moment of signing their contract to the actual transfer of embryos; how quickly the doctor schedules the next embryo transfer; how many patients are waiting for retries; what is the average time between signing a contract and meeting with a baby etc.
It is better to choose clinics and agencies that do not have a patient queue, guarantee enough surrogate mothers to run programs quickly, and have a high level of success. All this will save you time and bring you closer to the baby.

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