Surrogacy for couples from the USA


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April 14, 2021

Surrogacy for couples from the USA

The problem of infertility knows no borders. This problem is familiar to people of different nationalities, languages, countries, and regions. Even though the United States is one of the main centers of international surrogacy, many American couples choose Ukraine to undergo infertility treatment programs. And there are several main reasons.

Why choose Ukraine?

When we talk about Ukraine as a European center for infertility treatment, we mean efficiency, legality, and affordability.

Highly qualified medical assistance

is provided by doctors with many years of experience who have earned a high reputation far beyond Ukraine.

High-success rates

of the programs are ensured by high medical standards, a thorough medical examinations, individual treatment protocols, meticulous selection of egg donors or surrogate mothers, and safe medicines.

Well-developed legal process

for entering the fertility treatment programs both for the Intended parents and a surrogate or egg donor is regulated by law. All stages and details of the program are specified in the contract which is certified by the notary.

Availability of genetic testing (PGD, PGS, NGS)

before embryo transfer enhances the chance of success even after the first cycle and eliminates the risk of pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and genetic disorders.

Low prices for “all-in” contract

include all the necessary medical and accompanying services (e.g., accommodation, car transfers, interpreter, and medications to support pregnancy up to 12 weeks).

Sex selection

is provided in terms of genetic testing of embryos and help the couple to choose a desired gender of a future baby.

Experienced surrogates

will help to welcome a baby into your family and make a whole journey smooth and easy.

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