Egg Donor selection. Anonymous or open ID egg donor?


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April 14, 2021

Egg Donor selection. Anonymous or open ID egg donor?

Forsa Fertility has created own an extensive database of egg and sperm donors. We make every effort to ensure that the process of finding suitable candidates is fast and successful.

When selecting donors, we have identified several mandatory criteria. This is not only medical indicators, phenotypic and age data, but also the internal motivation of the donor to help infertile couples or single people become parents.

All our donors are young, healthy with healthy children. When choosing, we take into account that they have attractive appearance, do not have mental disorders, bad habits, chronic and hereditary diseases, developmental anomalies, overweight, do not work in hazardous industries, live in ecologically unfavorable areas, etc.

Our database is divided into two parts: аanonymous and open ID egg or sperm donor. If you choose open ID egg or sperm donor, then you will be able to choose a donor according to your preferences.

You will be able to choose the height, weight, eye and hair color of your donor. In order to select a donor, you need to contact the Forsa Fertility manager by mail or WhatsApp.

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